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You deserve a good night’s sleep

Feel like it’s been a while since you’ve really slept well? You may have a Sleep Disorder. Find out if you could benefit from a Sleep Study.

Snoring may indicate a more serious problem

Beyond keeping your bed partner awake, snoring is an obstruction of the airway and could be a sign of Sleep Apnea.

The Lakeland Difference

We’re with you every step of the way. Lakeland’s expert staff provides answers, treatment, comfort, and - in the end - better, safer sleep.

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Our patients’ trust and ongoing comfort is our top priority.

Find the right system for you

Learn more about CPAP machines and reorder supplies such as nasal pillows, nasal masks, full face masks, and other accessories.
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Lakeland Sleep Center is dedicated to helping you improve your sleep - and your daily life - by diagnosing sleep disorders and finding the right sleep care treatment to get you back to normal sleeping patterns and a better quality of life.  

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Our team of sleep experts offers information, treatment plans, and the reassurance that sleep problems can get better. Begin with a diagnostic sleep study at one of our high-comfort Sleep Center locations, and meet with our experts to learn how to restore this very important part of the body’s natural rhythm.

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